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Well I am a sports fanatic. I love it....playing, watching or whatever...I always have done. Its just part of who I am. I like the team spirit thing...but I also like the challenge of individual sports. For me, like when I am out playing golf, I am only playing me in some ways. I can't stand cheating in sports. I could not accept winning if I had to cheat to do it. There is no satisfaction in that.

I like to have a few drinks...going out with my friends and shooting some pool...or just cruising at home sitting in front of the TV. I don't get out as much as I used to for different reasons...but I do enjoy socialising with my friends.

Ooh and you have to have a good sense of humour around me. My sense of humour can be a little warped at times, and dry. I think people find our kiwi jokes a little hard to understand at times, but hang around long enough and you will get used it.

My animals are great company to "kids" as I refer to them as...but unfortunately I will be leaving them behind to head to bigger and greener pastures shortly. But these things happen...and as much as I will miss them...sometimes we have to do things we do not particularly like. there is an interesting subject. What do I look for in a woman...partner...friend and lover. Well to me friendship is a very important thing. We have all had (or most of us have anyways) flings, one night stands, short term relationships. I have found that for me, the ones that have meant the most or lasted the longest was because we were friends first. We got to know a bit about each other. It wasn't all just about sex.

Now don't get me wrong, I love sex as much as the next person, but it just is not what I want my relationships to be based on. And at the end of the day, if the relationship doesn't work out, hopefully the friendship will still be there. Not as easy as it sounds I know, I will be the first to admit that, but with time it can still be there if you want it to be.

I don't like to just sit home and do nothing all the time. I get bored easy and fidgetty. I gotta be doing things. I believe that just cause you are in a relationship that that is all there is to it. How ever much you might love someone, don't assume that they are satisfied. It is way too easy to fall into a rut and before you know it, things aren't going so good. Hell, do different things, doesn't matter how big or how small. Sometimes its those small things that mean the most.

Ooh well, maybe I am just a romantic at heart. I like lots of things, but some of those are probably best left to a different webpage *grin*.

I don't like to plan things too much. Its so much more exciting when things are spontaneous. Things like bringing home a bunch of flowers, a small gift, anything like that means heaps to me. To me there does not need to be a special occasion to show your lover how much you care. And its kinda nice to be made to feel special and spoilt for no particular reason.

Anyways...enough of the mushy stuff or you will be starting to think I am a pushover.

I guess the bottom line is...treat me good and you can expect the same in return. I am very loyal to my friends and will always look out for them.

I don't have too many close friends but the ones I have I love dearly. It takes a while to get to know me, so it shows me a lot when someone will take that time to find out what I am truly like.

Well this is just a little bit about me, and my likes and dislikes, so if you wanna know any more you will just have to ask me won't you *smile*.


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